Thursday, August 26, 2010

Late Night Driving

I’m sitting on my bed and my room is empty; all my belongings are in the car. It looks very vacant and dull now with everything gone.
 I love packing though; it’s a weird hobby of mine. There’s something so satisfying about having everything I own in one place, ready to go. I only brought the best stuff too, so all the mediocre, neglected belongings are sitting under my bed.
Work was interesting.
I got there 10 minutes late and I was walking across the parking lot towards Barnes & Noble in the direction of work as Don, my boss, was crossing the parking lot in the perpendicular direction. He stopped when I waved and waited for me. I worried that he would be angry that I was late, but I should have known better. He just said, "Your check is where the checks always are." He told me what everyone has been saying, "Good luck in college! Learn a lot!" Then he gave me a hug and I told him that working there was really great.
It was really. I mean, what kind of boss has an employee competition with first and second place where first place wins a trip to San Diego and second place gets $30 and two movie passes to Harkins Theater with a gift card for popcorn? The best part is, one girl got 1st place and all the rest of us got second place He’s really nice though and he never denies any one time off unless absolutly no one is available. Don and Larry (the other manager) will even work all day for no pay just so someone can have a vacation. Don sold his really nice sports car to keep the business running because he doesn’t want us all to lose our jobs.
Tonight was my last night though at the spam joint.
Ezequial and I talked about whether medical marijuana is a good idea in Arizona or not. It goes on the ballots on November 2nd, prop 203.
When I left, Ezequial said, "Goodbye Marisssaaaa!!!" all dramatically. "I'm going to miss you!! Dont leave!!!" I just laughed.
"Well, just have fun and get a new boy and a new job. You need it."
Psh! "Ya I need a job, not a boy!”
He very much insisted that I need a boy.
I had no CD's in the car because they were all packed, so I had to listen to the dumb radio. U2 was on 96.7, some gay hip hoppers were on 102.9....nothing real good. It’s sort of ridiculous how attached I am to Cleo, my car. I guess because I've driven home a million times down hwy69 blasting music with the windows down singing (or listening) my life away. Often times I was melancholic; I get like that, alone at night with beautiful music. Hanging the car keys on the key holder was really difficult. I didn’t want to leave them. I love driving and I love driving that car.
Tonight the moon was a cold golden orb. It was twice the size it normally is and was spreading its yellow light across the sky, above the mountains. I took the long way home to follow the light but the road ended and turned right, so I was driving parallel alongside the eerie sky. Last night was a full moon, white and stark, tonight was huge yellow and dull. I almost ran off the road from looking at the sky too much...
At home the house was a mess as usual. I cleaned my room and put all my stuff sort of neatly in the living room. Karolina packed it all into the car and I ended up having to condense my belongings some more, leaving some books behind.
Now we're sitting here, waiting waiting waiting. That’s how trips always are for us. We’re all ready but we're always waiting on someone.
The trip will be terrible, all six of us crammed into two rows with hardly any leg room, rolling down the interstate for 8 long hours. At least its night, so we won’t be sweating out brains out.
Leaving is weird. I’m making a big deal out of this, but it sort of is a big deal. I mean I’ve lived over half my life in this house and all my memorable years in this town. This place kind of made me, in a way. There’s so much here, good and bad and boring and wonderful.
I like it though, leaving to a different place without my former baggage. This town is the definition of baggage and I'm tired of it.
Mom and Dad had a meeting with timothy's teachers at tri-city prep H.S. today and apparently Mr. Pasterino (rowing coach) and Mr. Burgess (English teacher) asked about me. All the teachers thought it was cool that I’m going out of state and that I would be with Karolina again. Of course they asked "Will they be rooming together?" HELL NO. I don’t get that question; I roomed with her for about 16 years, no more no thank you. I love her but you know how it is with sisters and rooms...
Mr. Pasterino said that he's really glad that I'm getting out and he thinks I need that. I don’t know really what he means but it’s weird how Mr. Pasterino knows all the rowers so well. He's an observer, I think, and he listens to all our conversations on the long rides to regattas. For how smelly and annoying he started out as, he actually ended up being one of my favorites at Tri-City. Now Mr. Burgess, I was just honored that he asked about me. His literature class were the best.

Well, it is now time to go.