Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Monster at Sea

I am terrified, but entranced. You draw the sand out from under my feet as
I stand at your door step. You smile, but I can see the gleam of fire in your eye.
You are not tame. You thrash your arms.Can I call them arms? What is your shape?
You are vast, and raging. You will not stand still so I can see you but you command me,
Lure me into your chamber. My feet sink deeper into the sand and I cannot resist.

I take a step forward, and you demand more.My body quivers and I try to find your face,
And wonder if you have a face. I feel you, though. I feel you calling me.

I run. I bound into your embrace, crashing into your arms. My body quakes under your icy touch, but you whisper,"Give in...give in." So I fall, head first into your black form. But I cannot last
Here for long, and you do not understand it. When I think of leaving, you become more gentle.When I give Into you, you are harsh. I know you came here to take me to your lair. I know I came here to die.

I strive from your touch, but I can find no footing in the sand. I am strangled, tossed
and then you slap me onto your doorstep, so suddenly. You executed many, yet- Not I
And I try not to understand it. I am numb and free, And you rage still.
I visit sometimes, your mysterious embodiment raging in the sea.