Friday, December 10, 2010

I Want the Right Side of a Child's Brain

This boy thinks the disk he is holding is magical

Maybe I got the wrong message out of this movie, but it did get me thinking about the imagination of children.
Here, Watch it:
Dr. Belz sent it to all the English majors a few weeks ago and he said it made him cry.

Every little kid is an artist and then they grow up and become so anal and systematic that they can't be creative anymore.

I feel like I have lost my creative abilities. I used to always be narrating stories in my head, or thinking about poetry. I used to write all the time. I used to dress up, build forts and become a different person, even if no one played along with me. Even if I didn't even say any of it out loud. Then I grew up and gave up my childish games.

Time is a big issue. With the pile of school work always upon me, I rarely have time to cultivate any of the creative potential I have. I rarely have time to gather my thought.
Patricia getting ready to sing me a song she wrote
(Right now for instance, I really should be sleeping, but 2am is the only time I have to write freely)

Since we are made in God's image, all humans have creative ability. They take after their creator. I just think that people lose it far too often.

Dad used to be a writer, then he made a family and got a full time job. I'm on my way to being just that way.

I have been creative lately in the music department. Yes, I've written songs, attempted to learn piano and I sing or whistle where ever I go. Of course, I am graded for writing music, and graded for how well I sing. This is a motivation.

At the beginning of this semester, Dr. Belz was in the serving line in the cafeteria while I was working. He asked, "Hey, are you going to take my poetry class? You look like the poetic type."
I told him that no, I was not going to because I was taking history that hour. Then I asked him if he wanted vegetables with his entre.
Later, when I interview him for an article I was writing, he asked again, "So are you doing poetry?"
This was getting a little redundant. His cousin Max had asked me if I was taking the class as well.
"No, I have history, remember?"
"No. I mean are you doing poetry. I mean practicing it."
I told him that I think my poetry sucks. He said that most good poets think their poetry sucks, but I have to keep practicing it.

Dja is a dancer, a singer, a comedian and an actress
The video is about a group of New York artists that give Peruvian street children a place to live and a new life. They give the children the gift of expression through art by teaching them in art workshops. They give the children the opportunity to create.

One of the leaders of this ministry said that he wonders how many Einsteins and Platos die in the streets without even being given a chance.

It sounds like amazing work they are doing for these children.

It just really got me thinking about how creative all people are, or can be. Of course we are creative in different ways, but I think it's important to practice creativity as Dr. Belz said. People should seek to discover where they or like to be creative.
I may never be an renowned poet, song writer or singer but I can't just stop there. I don't think God would want me to stop there. Creativity is a gift to the person that brings joy to him and those around him. Most importantly it brings glory to God, the Artist.

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