Monday, January 3, 2011


My name is Marissa, and I'm a Facebookaholic.

It consumes my time when I could be doing so many better activities.
Studying the Bible? Praying? Getting to know my family? Reading Oliver Twist? Thinking? Writing?

Yes Facebook has intruded all of these activities and I'm tired of it. The horrible part is that it is literally impossible to get rid of Facebook. I can't delete it for good; I can only "deactivate" it, which means I can sign back in whenever I want to. Yes, I could have someone change my password for me, but I can always get my new password sent to my email. It's a conspiracy to over take my life!

Anyway, the real thing is, I have no self-control and too often I just feel like "vegging out" with Facebook, but then I turn into a lazy, useless potato.

I think it's time that Facebook and I part. This coming semester is going to be difficult but incredibly interesting and I want to take full advantage of the time I'm given. I want to actually do my assigned reading and do a lot of writing and thinking about what I learn.

So it will be a test in self-control, but in Christ I can do all things right?
Facebook, farewell.

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  1. Oh this is so true- but I think that I'm going to try to write more blogs and poetry this semester than Facebook. Oh challenges.