Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Everyday, We Have Faith

These are dark uncertain realms. These are the rest stops. There are the stops where we realize that we are uncertain. We know something improvable. 
This is the stop where I jump off the cliff, hoping there’s water beneath. I hear the water. I see the water. I have heard of others jumping into the water. 
Year and year, day and night, cliff divers merge into the dark uncertain realms.
I cannot know that I will reach the water, but I believe. I cannot know anything for certain, but I believe. I cannot know all, but I know as much as I can.
It is time to forget the old thoughts that faith is an element restricted to saints.
Faith is in every step I take down the dark street, in unknown shadows. Faith is in the historian, in the scientist, in the artist. Faith is in the driver, in the friend, in love. Faith is in the mind of the everyday individual, in need of accepting the uncertain realms. 

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  1. P.S.- Here I am not advocating for relativism. I am saying that faith is an element of the everyday. We have faith in the people we know, the stories we hear, the lectures we take notes on, the books we read. Of course we should think critically, but this does not change the fact that so much of education and life is subjective. I hear people mock those who have faith, but the truth is, ultimately, we know because we know, whatever it is that we think we know. When we come to the end, the core, of every truth claim, we cannot avoid faith, whether it be faith in God, reason, etc. Everyone has faith in something.