Friday, June 3, 2011

Second Thoughts

I could quit school right now.
Get out of this cycle of work and sleep, just to wake up and work and sleep.
Summer means working to raise college funds,
When at school, it's the same thing.
Work and sleep, read and sleep, constantly fighting to open my eyes.
I'd like to just have time to discover the world, out of debt, out of work.
I could listen to music all day and stare in wonder at the sky and fields,
Mountains and sky scrapers, idiosyncrasies of small towns.
Sing and sing till my voice is nothing left but a whisper.
Take along a few good friends.
Stop at mini markets for smokes.
Stop at one story desert hotels.
Stay at beach hostels writing poetry with the waves.
How perfect.
But shit, who am I kidding.

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