Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Do You Love?

One time Emily VD asked me what I love. Karolina said that Dr. Strauss asked this question in her aesthetics class too.

It's a good question, and one I should ponder more often. I'm very pessimistic and critical, as maybe you can see from my blog topics. Today I say, let's remember what we love, and talk about it.

Here's a current list (in no particular order):

  • Huaraches
  • Jacob's laugh
  • The Trinity (GOD)
  • My family (Dad, Mom, Karolina, Timothy and Janie)
  • Bob Dylan
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Pink Floyd
  • Carne Asada Tacos
  • Smoking menthol American Spirits with friends
  • Long talks about the world, and life
  • Long walks in the rain, with headphones, and good music
  • Mexican colours!
  • The sound of Spanish
  • Jacob when he sings Frank Sinatra 
  • Words, their sounds and meanings
  • Laughing fits
  • Messy curls
  • Singing in cars
  • Wrinkly puppies that look like Jacob
  • Sushi
  • Old people long in love
  • Los Angelos!
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Staring at the changing sky
  • Incense in my hair
  • Being naked
  • The ocean (indescribable, my first love)
  • History class
  • Knowing I'm being heard
  • Learning another person's story
  • Full moon nights
  • Walking barefoot
  • Spontaneous trips, that turn into the best trips
  • Dancing with hippies to the didgeridoo 
  • Mangos
  • Avocados
  • Paintings
  • Floating in water
  • Clean clean teeth
  • Artsyness
  • Tanned skin and green eyes
  • The idea of South America
  • Controversy
  • When I'm learning, and suddenly it all makes sense
  • Changes in scenery
  • Eccentric looking people
  • A child's imagination
  • Ecclecticity
  • Feeling like I'm home
  • Those times when I'm so overwhelmed I could cry, because there is so much to love.
This list will never end.

                                  Feel free to comment about what you love


  1. Coffee.
    Exploring my dreams.
    The way I smell when I wake up.
    Greg Bahnsen.
    James White.
    When the sky is so clear and sunny the day after it rains.
    Passing qualifying exams.
    All the little kids in my Sunday School class.
    My brother Justin's hair.
    Marissa's sneezes.
    Christine's hugs.
    A creative math problem.
    Go (the board game).
    Schizophrenic homeless people.
    Apostle Smith.
    The way my body disappears when I'm meditating.
    Having a Vulcan mind meld with a good friend.
    Baking soda.
    All the different cultures represented by my classmates.
    The beach in the morning when no one is there.
    Finding faces hidden in trees, wrinkled cloth, and stucco.
    Re-remembering that Caucasians are pink (not white).
    Haw flakes.
    Fried plantains.
    The way Creole sounds.
    Juniper berry tea.
    Dill weed.
    The way my stomach feels after vomiting.
    Burning incense.
    Getting lost in the visions.
    Having that one emotion that there is no word for.
    Trying (and failing) to express that emotion in words.
    Expressing that emotion with my body instead.
    Smiling without reservation.

  2. Black Coffee
    The quiet sting of knowing exactly how someone else is feeling when its a bad feeling
    Cheap dresses
    My Cat
    Snow that sticks to your skin and doesn't want to melt
    Summer skin
    Rain as a lullaby outside my window
    Big earrings
    Yellow daises that I can put in my hair
    Things that show me the glory of God
    People that point me to Christ
    Alice in Wonderland
    Crying when I need to feel
    Books with small print and a large word count
    Finishing books with small print and a large word count
    Composition notebooks
    Singing songs very loud and very badly on purpose
    Interesting people
    Crazy homeless people that walk around in a sombrero China town pants and a trumpet in their hand
    The feeling of belonging in a city
    The irony of California subway goers personal space issues
    The idea of Versailles
    The many facets of History
    Children who laugh at everything
    Cheetah print underwear

  3. love is a distraction
    hate is all that is real