Friday, July 29, 2011

Two-Faced and Afraid

If I could narrow my recent thoughts to one word, it would be "Unmask". 

People complain a lot about other people not being "real", or they complain that they find it hard to be themselves around others. I struggle with this myself, and I figured that if I could simply get past my insecurities, then I could be more REAL. But it's more than that an issue of fear. It's about being honest. 

"The truth will set you free." I know this verse in context is referring to the truth of the gospel, but it can apply to being honest about yourself too. Forgetting about what others think of me, or what I think about myself, and focusing on being TRUTHFUL, has helped me a lot in my desire to be real. I was caged by fear, but being truthful has set me free. 

I lie about how I feel. I lie about what I think. I lie about what I want. I lie about what I've done. I worry people will think I'm a bad person, or a boring person, or a stupid person. But why? Lying has only caused walls to grow, it's only caused more insecurities. It's so burdening. 

This is why we should be real, even about our shot-comings. This honesty that I'm talking about especially applies to Christians who often hide their sins, and pretend to be really godly people while they are around their Christian friends. This isn't right. We're sinners, and no Christian can truly deny the presence of a sinful nature battling their new nature in Christ. This is no reason to embrace sin or advertise it, but there's also no reason to hide it and to pretend we're really holy. 

Being open about sin allows the opportunity for some to voice their self-righteous judgments, but it also allows for accountability and encouragement from fellow believers. If we never voice our struggles and sins, it will be so much harder to face them and fight them. Also, speaking our true opinions about things allows for critiques and challenges; it helps us think and learn. Being truthful about who I am has helped me to be less insecure. The truth helps us grow.

Being REAL is about facing fears, but more so about choosing to be an honest person rather than a liar. And the reason honesty is so important is because God's word is truth, and we are witnesses of the truth. How can we share the truth when we are dishonest, two-faced, and afraid? Our own honesty is a testimony to the honesty of the message we profess. 


  1. I guess I should clarify that I do think being silent sometimes is a really good thing, but it totally depends on the situation.

    Also, I don't mean to say that being honest about myself is really easy, or that I am honest all the time. It's definitely still a struggle, and a fear.

  2. another thing to think about that I think goes along with this is the idea of finding yourself or figuring out who you are in people or things. If you do not 'find yourself' completely in the context of God and see yourself as a broken sinner then you have no hope of knowing who you are. You are the corrupt created and he is the grace giving creator. And if yo don't realize that you never free yourself from sins like judging and feeling judged and hiding behind a false righteousness to appear more holy.