Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Freeway Ran Through Her Heart

The freeway ran through her heart.*

    A greasy mane clinging to her shoulders while
    pumping petroleum into her $500 Toyota Tercel.
    The car and the girl coughing smoke.

Yesterday is tomorrow's today. 

    100 mph accelerated high.
    City scapes floating above,
    stale Burger King french fries,
    and Marlboro cigarette boxes,
    littering the break pedal.

Her black eyes glaring into the hallow highway.

    Mercedes Benz and men in dark suits 
    with their hair slicked back, sucking stout cigars,
    pass by the greasy girl in her gas guzzling Tercel.

She's a one-day clearance sale scam.

*This poem was written as an assignment for my creative writing class where we had to pick the first line from a poem we liked and write a poem based on the first line. I picked the first line from "Concrete and Flesh (an unrated hollywood story)" by Mel Donalson

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