Thursday, December 23, 2010


Drive home.
Plug in the Christmas lights, unlock the door and walk inside.
The dog is most excited to see you out of everyone. Others disregard your presence. Kiss the dog and talk an octave higher than your normal voice to the dog, then set it down.
Crash on the couch and watch TV for hours, or pull out your lap top and go on Facebook.
Aimless stalk your “friends” profiles.
Watch a half interesting show on cooking. Do anyone of us actually cook?
Fall asleep on the couch.
3am, you wake up, brush your teeth and go to your bed.

Another day you might be on your bed, eyes glued to the ceiling as you drown in the music.
Mouths always shut. Thoughts unrevealed.
Fall asleep.
3 am, you wake up, brush your teeth and return to bed.

Wake up to the dog sniffing and nudging you to let him outside to piss.
Barely open your eyes and float to the door. Let him out. Start the coffee maker. Stare at the drizzling rain while you wait for the coffee to brew.
Drink coffee.
Shower. Make yourself look presentable.
Drive to work- same route, same speed as yesterday. Maybe light a cigarette on the way.
5pm, drive home.
Maybe you should have gone Christmas shopping before driving home. Oh well, the mall is packed full of angry holiday shoppers. Better to avoid that and sit in the cave.
Time to, repeat.

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