Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Creepy Things

I’ll let you keep one creepy thing.
It can be something you do for fun,
Like eating a hot dog that you found on the ground,
Or talking in circles, around and round.
Maybe drinking mushroom tea,
And liking it.
Or breeding turtles in your room,
And liking the sound of it.
Or enjoying the flavor of ants in your salt.

Butyou must choose only one thing,
To keep you from being a real creeper.

And you reply,
“Honey, I don’t need those,
I’ll pass by the hot dogs,
And rants, and ants, and all of that.
'Cause honey, I have you.
You are my creepy thing to keep.”


  1. :D I love you, creepy thing! lol! thats sounds weird! :D

  2. bahaha, breeding turtles, and liking the sound! haha