Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am the music I listen to.
I am the clothes I wear.
I am the mess in my room.
I am the smell on my pillow case.
I am the lotion I wear.
I am the artificial colour of my hair.
I am the words I write.
I am the chipped nail polish on
    my finger nails.

I am a machine, ticking.
Reacting. I am atoms.
I am chromosomes.
I am horomones.
I am proteins.
I am nerves.
I am a heart.
I am the blood that flows inside
The veins inside this epidermis.

I am my memories.
I am my beliefs.
I am my emotions.
I am my passions.
I am my depression.
I am my current thoughts.
I am my experiences.
I am what I know.
I am who I see in the mirror.

I am who you see me as.
I am your memories of me.
I am your thoughts of me.
I am compared to you.
I am your acceptance of me.
I am a mask that I paint.
I am who I say I am
Who I make myself out to be.
I am "person".
I am a clump of clay.
I am in Him in me.

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